The Financial Planning Process


Financial Planning is a very personal matter. No two people have identical circumstances, ambitions or needs. What's more, needs often change over time and everyone's financial situation is different. The financial plan we produce for you is unique and individually tailored to suit your particular needs and circumstances.


How do we develop a financial plan specifically for you?


We follow a financial planning process, which has been carefully designed with seven important steps. We then make sure that you know exactly what's happening at every stage.


The Process:

1. Identifying your needs and objectives


As a first step, we will arrange an introductory meeting. Your adviser will explain fully how the service works, discuss your primary financial needs and objectives and answer your initial questions. By hearing how we work with our clients, you'll have the opportunity to make sure that our service will be of value to you.


2. Gathering information


If it is agreed that you could benefit from our service, your adviser will go into much greater detail with you, looking at your objectives and developing them into well-defined goals. If sufficient information is not available we will, with your authority, obtain the relevant information with the providers of your existing financial arrangements.


3. Suitability assessment


We will collate and analyse information provided by you and your current product providers. We will then asses the suitability of your existing arrangements in line with your current situation, needs, objectives and aspirations.


4. Plan development


Your financial plan will include the financial tools you need to use to protect the following:

  • Your income: in the event of you being unable to work due to illness, accident or unemployment.
  • Your family: in the event of your premature death.
  • Savings/investments: how will you save to reach your goals, aspirations for the future or funding your children's education?
  • Retirement: how will you provide for your required level of income in retirement so as to continue in your desired lifestyle?
  • Estate planning: how to leave your estate to your chosen beneficiaries in a tax-efficient way.


5. Presenting your plan


The next step is for your adviser to present you with your own plan. At this meeting each recommendation will be carefully explained and all your questions answered. It is, of course, your decision whether to implement those strategies in full, in part or at all. Attainment of your goals, whether it is some or all of the recommendations, will only arise from positive action and your own desire to make this happen.


6. Implementing your plan


Following your agreement to proceed we will implement your plan, completing any applications, verifying information, submitting documents to providers, ensuring applications are processed with speed and accuracy. All documents are carefully checked before they are forwarded to you for safekeeping.


7. Monitor progress


If you have accepted our ongoing service and review option, your adviser will regularly review your financial plan at chosen intervals.

We make sure your plan is working towards achieving your objectives. Each review also takes account of any changes in your personal circumstances, financial market conditions and relevant legislation.