Life & Illness Cover, Income Protection and General Insurance

Insurance protects you against the unexpected. Everyday life can bring up problems. You need to think about how you would cope financially if you or a partner became unwell and couldn't work, or if fire or flooding seriously damaged your home.

We always hope that nothing bad will happen, but only you can decide whether you are willing to take that risk. You may have savings which you could use but incase you dont, insurance could help.

There are many different types of insurance available and it can be very confusing deciding on the right option for you. One of our advisers will be able to help.

  • Do you need insurance? Using the money advice service the online budget planner will help you see how much money you have coming in compared to your outgoings. This will help you to see if you would be able to cope if something unexpected happened.
  • What would you do if your income reduced due to illness, disability or unemployment? Protection insurance can pay out in any of these instances. This usually pays out for a limited time and doesn't cover all circumstances. State benefits can help, but they don't start immediately and usually only last for a fixed period.
  • What would you do if your partner suddenly passed away? Life insurance can provide some financial security to the people you depend on in the event of their sudden death. It is also worthwhile checking what your pension plans pay out when you die.
  • Are you a home owner? Most mortgage providers will insist on buildings insurance and it is definately worth checking that the amount covered is enought to rebuild your house.
  • What about your belongings? Whether you own your own home or are renting, it is your responsibiliy to insure your belongings. Contents insurance covers the loss of, or any damage to, the contents of your home and any other belongings you may choose to insure outside of the home.

The amount you pay for insurance is based upon the information you provide the insurance company and the type of risk you want to insure. Insurance companies use a set criteria such as where you live, if you smoke and what you would like to be covered to determine the premium you pay.

The insurance company will agree to pay out if the event you are insured against happens. It is very important that you provide the company with the full facts, as incorrect information can invalidate your policy, which would mean that the insurance company wouldn't pay out.

One of our advisers would search the market to find the most suitable and cost-effective insurance for you and your needs.